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Interview with Chantelle Tippett

Questions and Answers with Thai Boxer Chantelle Tippett

Chantelle Tippett is one of the UK's most exciting prospects in Muay Thai Boxing.

At 12 years old she is already had over 22 fights, trains 5 times a week and has the talent and the dedication to go all the way to the top. Last year she became one of our sponsored muay thai fighters after we saw the qualities in Chantelle that means we think she will be a force in muay thai.

We asked Chantelle how she got into Muay Thai and what she likes about the sport and what her plans are.

Chantelle Tippett Thai Boxer

What is your full name and age?
Chantelle Emily Tippett.  I am 12 and a half.

What Gym do you train out of?
Chaos Muay Thai Fitness and competition, Okehampton, Devon

Chantelle Tippett Muay Thai Fighter Team SANDEE - Chantelle Tippett

Who are your Thai Boxing Coaches?
Steve Pender and Christi Brereton.

How long have you being training in Muay Thai?
I have been training since April 2011.

How did you get into Thai Boxing?
Well it all started two and a half years ago when I was at Primary School aged 9.  I received a flyer about ‘Thai Fit’, a club that was being run in the small Village hall where I lived.  It was started by Steve and Christi as part of the Devon Active Villages initiative run by OCRA (Okehampton Community Recreation Society) a local charity dedicated to sport.  It was a form of ‘keep fit’ using the principles of Muay Thai.

My Mum and I started going on a Friday night.  The coaches saw something they liked and invited me to join a more advanced class in the town.  Here I learnt self defence and eventually sparring to become part of the ‘Junior Fight Team' and participated in my first competition run by Peter Spensley of Celtic Championships.

Chantelle Tippett Thai Boxer

What do you like about training?
I enjoy training as we are a great team and have fun as well as learning.  We all help each other, from the youngest to the oldest.  We all have something to learn from each other.  Also it builds my stamina so I am fitter in the ring when I compete.

How often do you train?
I train five times a week for 1 to 2 hours.  Friday is training for my next grading at the moment and I have Sundays off.  We do circuit training, fitness, technique and sparring.

Chantelle Tippett Thai Boxer

How Many Fights have you had? and what is your record?
I have had 22 fights with 5 losses.  Two were from tournaments when there wasn't anyone in my category so I moved up to the next age and weight.

Do you get nervous before a fight?
I am usually okay until I begin to warm up, but then I feel as if I want to go to the loo constantly and feel sick.  The Wai Kru calms me down and then I block everything out except Steve and Christi's voice. I am nervous in round 1 wondering what style of fighting my opponent will use whether it be bouncy and flicky or solid and strong. Once I know how they compete I can adapt and use their weaknesses against them and that's how I win the fight.

Chantelle Tippett Thai Boxer

Have you ever been to Thailand to Train (or on holiday)?
Unfortunately I have never had the opportunity to go to Thailand.

Would you like to train there?
I would love the chance to train in Thailand, it is my goal.

What do you think you would get out of training in Thailand?
I would love to experience a totally different culture where Thai boxing is a way of life from a very early age and is the national sport.  I would like to learn about different foods and religion from the people who live there.  Eventually it is my dream to compete in Thailand.

Chantelle Tippett Thai Boxer

What do your friends think of your Thai Boxing and when you fight?
Well close friends have seen me train but never seen me fight in the ring.  They often ask ‘Where are you going this weekend?’ as a joke as we are always travelling. One said I am lucky as I ‘get to see the world!’  They say that I am brave and say they could never get in the ring. They post comments on face book after every result and say how proud they are of me.

Whats your favourite Combo or Technique?
I like to use right punch, left head kick, left hook and right head kick when the opportunity arises.

Who do you admire in Women's Thai Boxing (past or present, UK or international)
That is an easy question!  My coach Christi Brereton, World Champion.  She is a very technical and powerful fighter but she also puts on a good show.  I would love to be as good as she is one day.  She has even had a baby and within a couple of months she was back training, even better than before. She has just become World Boxing Council Associated Muay Thai national champion.

Chantelle Tippett SANDEE Hoody

Do you think more Girls should get into Muay Thai? and if so why?
A lot more women are getting into Muay Thai for self-defence and fitness and really enjoy it.  Many go on to full contact and start competing without planning to.  I would like to see more females in the sport as I would have more chance of being matched for fights.  Also my main ambition is to see Muay Thai in the Olympics but that won’t happen if more women don’t compete.

What do you like about the Sport of Muay Thai?
I enjoy making new friends when people join the gym and it is good to keep fit and increase my stamina.  It helps me to stay in shape as I used to be chubbier but I have lost approximately 5 kilos thanks to training.  I work hard in training and thanks to this I have also been picked for school sporting events too.  It is also good for taking out your anger on a punch bag or pad.  I enjoy seeing different places as we have to travel anything up to 4-5 hours to fight venues.  The furthest I have been so far is Latvia.  We would never have gone there if I didn’t compete.

What are your plans in Thai Boxing over the next few years?
I am only 12 so I hope I have many opportunities ahead.  I will continue to train as hard as I do now and would like to continue helping the new trainees to follow in my footsteps.  I enjoy encouraging others and would like to become a coach myself eventually.  Before that I would like to compete around the world.

Chantelle Tippett Boxer

What do you like doing when you’re not training or fighting?
I don't get much free time as I choose to train but I enjoy going out with my friends and walking my dog.  I compete in cross country events and spending time with my family especially my two big brothers who support me every step of the way.

Chantelle Tippett Muay Thai

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