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Meet Georgina Van der Linden

Georgina Van der Linden aged 13  is our latest SANDEE Junior fighter to join our SANDEE Academy, and our first fighter from Holland. We saw Georgina fight in an epic battle against one of our other SANDEE female Juniors  Dakota Ditcheva from Manchester UK, on one of the biggest Muay Thai Shows in the UK, the Main Event at the USM Bolton Arena on the 7th June 2014, and from that fight alone we were so impressed with Georgina's fighting spirit we wanted on board our SANDEE fight team.


Georgina van der Linden (left) vs Dakota Dictheva Georgina van der Linden  The Main Event, Bolton June, 2014

The Main Event fight against Dakota  proved to be up their with the adults on the main card as a thrilling back and forth affair with both girls showing amazing technique, ringcraft, and aggression that seemed totally at odds with their respective ages of 13 and 15. At that age you only normally see that level of talent and fight maturity in professional camps in Thailand.

Holland has always been a powerhouse of Thai Boxing right back from the days Rob Kamen, Ramon Dekker  and Lucia Rijker and it comes as no surprise to lean  that Georgina has been learning Kickboxing from an early age coached by her father former fighter Dennis Van Der Linden. Georgina starting training age six in K1 style rules before switching to Muay Thai in the last 3 years. Coach and father Dennis puts her success down to the her willingness to learn,

"I had my own gym where i trained her 5 days a week. Now we changes gym we train Now at Oosterbaan gym. Before i was i fighter but quit because Georgina's passion. my daughter is more important than my own fights. Since Georgina put on the gloves and hit the pads i stopped as a fighter and started as a trainer  that's a bout 6/7 years ago. She has such a will to learn and she has turned into a complete fighter"

We caught up with Georgina and asked her some questions

Gerogina van der Linden Oosterbaan gym in Rotterdam Holland Gerogina van der Linden Oosterbaan gym in Rotterdam Holland

What is your full name and age?
Georgina van der Linden 13yrs

What Gym do you train out of?
Oosterbaan gym in Rotterdam Holland

Who is your Thai Boxing Coach?
My dad  dennis van der Linden
How long have you being training in Muay Thai?
Ik train k1 sinds i was 6 Yrs but muaythai for The last 3 yrs
How did you get into Thai Boxing?
My dad train also and hè brings me
What do you like about training?
I hate training but love To fight
How often do you train?
5 days a week
How Many Fights have you had?

and what is your record?
78 fights 73 wins 3 loss and 2 draws
Do you get nervous before a fight?
Only for a big title fights
Have you ever been to Thailand to Train (or on holiday)?
No, but i would like to.

If so what do you think you would get out of training in Thailand?
Better clinch and elbows
What do your friends think of your Thai Boxing and when you fight?
The hate it and think i'm crazy
Whats your favourite Combo or Technique?
Dont have one
Gerogina van der Linden Oosterbaan gym in Rotterdam Holland Gerogina van der Linden Oosterbaan gym in Rotterdam Holland
Who do you admire in Women's Thai Boxing (past or present, UK or international)
Lucia Rijker
Do you think more Girls should get into Muay Thai? 
What are your plans in Thai Boxing over the next few years?
To be a champion in a class
What do you like doing when you're not training or fighting?
Your recently fought another SANDEE academy fighter Dakota Dictheva
from the UK at the Main Event Show in Manchester, she said afterwards
it was the toughest fight she has had, what were your thoughts on the
fight with Dakota?
Yes last fight i loss agains Dakota she is the best 1 i ever fights

She is the best at her age and so am i. I can't fight a lot i have To travel a lot for a fight and like To compare myself with strong champions like Dakota

SANDEE Georgina van der Linden Georgina van der Linden (left) blocks the kick of Dakota Dictheva (Right) The Main Event, Bolton June, 2014
SANDEE Georgina van der Linden Georgina van der Linden (right) lands a left roundhouse kick on Dakota Dictheva (left) The Main Event, Bolton June, 2014
Georgina Van Der Linden The closest fight they have had yet for both girls Georgina (right) waist for the result


Gerogina van der Linden vs Yashemine Tam Rumble of the north Georgina Van der Linden fights Yashemine Tam, 8th November

Georgina Van Der Linden fights for a Dutch Title on 8th November 2014  against Yashemine Tam, check back on the SANDEE blog and we will bring you the results of that fight!



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