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Corey McLachlan joins the SANDEE Academy

Corey McLachlan, 12 year old son of UK Ranked Number 1 Super Feather Weight Muay Thai Fighter Keith McLachlan joins the SANDEE Academy for talented juniors

We are delighted to welcome 12 year old Corey McLachlan to the SANDEE Academy which exists to support some of the most talented juniors in the sport of Thai Boxing.

The SANDEE Academy

Here at SANDEE we wanted to develop a program that identified the best junior talent within the UK & Europe and ensure that that these Juniors have the best possible equipment, that lasts & performs, so they can go on to greater accomplishments with the sport & become one of those World Champions in the spotlight.

Corey McLachlan Sandee Academy Corey McLachlan 12 years old from Glasgow

Corey McLachlan joins the 5 other juniors who are already part of the SANDEE Academy:

Dakota Ditcheva, 15 years old, Northern Spirit Muay Thai, Jordan Williams, 17 years old, Erawan Thai Boxing, Luke Philips, 17 years old, GFC Muay Thai, Chantelle Tippett, 12 years old, Chaos Thai Boxing, and Tyler Liptrott, 16 years old, Team #OO

Fighting Family

Like his dad, Corey eats, sleeps and breathes Muay Thai. He has had over 50 competitive bouts already and and has being training in Thai Boxing since he was able to walk, benefitting from the expert coaching and tuition from dad Keith McLachlan one of Europe's top Thai Boxers currently ranked number 1 in the Uk and is both a British and World champion.

Corey trains and fights out of Griphouse Muay Thai, at the Griphouse Gym in Glasgow, one of the highest regarded fighting gyms in the country for both Muay Thai and MMA being home to numerous world champions and top level MMA Fighters such as the UFC's top prospect and Muay Thai world champion Joanne Calderwood.

Corey's dad Keith McLachlan himself part of the SANDEE Pro Fight Team and the third member of the fighting family of celts is Corey's brother Reece

Corey McLachlan Reece McLachlan (7), Muay Thai World Champion Keith McLachlan, and Corey (12) pose for a family photo at the Griphouse Gym, Glasgow

 Corey McLachlan Questions and Answers

What is your full name and age?

My name is Corey McLachlan and i'm 12 years old

What gym do you train out of?

I train out of the Griphouse Muay Thai, in Glasgow

Corey McLachlan

Who is Your Thai Boxing Coach?

My coach is my dad, Keith McLachlan

How long have you been training in Thai Boxing?

I have been training since i could walk

Corey McLachlan

How did you get into Thai Boxing?

I got into it through watching my dad train and fight when i was younger.

What do you like about training?

I like training, i like hitting pads and i like sparring.

How often do you train.

I train every day except for Sunday.

Corey McLachlan

How many fights have you had?

I have had 50 plus fights, and i have lost 8 times.

Do you get nervous before a fight?

Sometimes, it depends on what show i am on.

Have you ever been to Thailand to train?

No, i'd really like to though. I'd get stronger in the clinch if i trained in Thailand.

Corey McLachlan

What do you friends think of you Thai Boxing and when you fight?

If i have a fight on my friends always ask me when i am going, and they always say well done after it.

Whats your favourite combination or technique?

Clinch and knees are probably my favourite.

Who do you admire most in Muay Thai

Probably Pakorn

Do you think more boys your age should get into Thai Boxing?

Yeah i think they should, becasue it would get them off the streets and out of trouble.

Corey McLachlan (1 of 1)-2

What do you like most about the sport?

You meet new pals, and it becomes one big family.

What are you plans in Thai Boxing over the next few years?

Travelling around the world, training and fighting.

What do you like doing when your not training?

When i am not fighting or training i like going out and playing football with my pals.

Corey McLachlan


See the rest of the exclusive photo gallery from the Griphouse Gym, with Corey and Keith HERE


Sandee Academy Logo Muay Thai SANDEE ACADEMY - supporting the best junior talent in the UK and Europe

We Wish Corey the best of luck in his Thai Boxing career and will follow his progress as part of the SANDEE Academy.

Be sure to check out the SANDEE shop for the best in Combat Sports equipment for Boxing, Muay Thai and MMA.



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