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Sandee Junior Championships 2015 - GRAND FINALS

****** ENTRY IS NOW CLOSED ******

Welcome to the Sandee Junior Championships Grand Finals, the pinnacle of Junior Muay Thai competition in the UK, where the best Juniors from the North & South meet to see who wins the Exclusive Sandee UK Champion Belt.

The Grand Final is an invitation-only event.

The Grand Finals, just like the Regional heats, is focused on the experience each junior fighter takes away from the event to help their long term development, which we believe is just as important as the winning or losing. The principles of the Grand Finals are:

  • Safety
  • Good & fair competition
  • Honesty & integrity

DATE: March 28th 2015

WHERE: Fenton Sports Complex, Stoke-on-Trent - featuring a 1,200 tiered seating plan.

WHEN: Weigh-in times will commence @ 8.30am, but will be staggered by gender / age group. The event will finish @ 6.30pm. More details on this will be sent to each individual finalists & instructors 1 week before the event date.

PRICE: Regular price - £20 per finalist entrant / £10 per spectator. However, Sandee would like to help subsidise the cost, by also offering an exclusive family ticket (1 x Junior fighter entrant + 3 x spectator tickets), for a total cost of £30, which in effect means the fighter entrant fee is free of charge. We at Sandee, understand that with Junior grassroots Muay Thai, every little helps to reduce costs for both gyms & parents!

All entrants will receive a Finalists medal with the Winners receiving the exclusive Sandee Champions Belt.

****** ENTRY IS NOW CLOSED ******

With the officials trained & managed independently by the IBMTO, there will be a series of 3 events to find out who are the true best ranked Juniors across the UK, within their weight & age classification. Sandee’s investment means the very best venues have now been secured giving competitors and spectators alike the best possible experience in a safe & fun environment.

The Concept

The winners & runners up in each relevant category from both North & South regional events, have been invited to compete against each other in the Sandee GRAND FINAL, which will see the best of the North & South compete against each other, to identify who is the true No.1 Junior fighter in the UK within their respective weight & age category.

Round 1: RegionalsRound 2: Finals
21st February 2015
George Carnell Centre, Manchester
28th March 2015
Fenton Sports Complex, Stoke-on-Trent
28th February 2015
Watford Woodside Centre, Watford

Age Categories: 5 thru 17 years

Weight Categories: in 2kg & 2 year segments (please note: we will be doing weight checks via your instructor 4 / 2 / 1 week before each event. We reserve the right to move fighters up & down in weight category, dependent on the results of the weight checks)

Rounds: 5 x 1 minute rounds

Prizes to be Won

Sumalee Boxing Gym, Phuket, Thailand

Medals will be awarded to every entrant, with the winners being awarded the Sandee Junior Champion belt.

In addition to the Finalists medals & the Champions belt for the Winners, there will also be 3 unbelievable prizes on offer at the Grand Finals:

  • Outstanding Male Fighter
  • Outstanding Female Fighter
  • Best Technical Performance

The winners of these titles will win an all-expenses paid one month training camp to Sumalee Boxing Gym, Phuket, Thailand. This will include flight & travel costs, accommodation & training expenses with the Sumalee Coaching Team.

Each winner has to be accompanied by a parent / guardian (over 18 years of age) & their accommodation, training costs will be offered free of charge. (Prizes have to be redeemed by March 2017). Check out Sumalee Boxing Gym @

****** ENTRY IS NOW CLOSED ******

Terms & Conditions

  • Application entries can only be done by a parent/guardian/instructor over the age of 18 years of age.
  • Entries cannot be refunded.
  • The promoter Sandee has the right to move a fighter either up or down one weight/age category.
  • Each competitor requires a licence before they can compete, to ensure they are insured.
  • Applications for entry close on March 22nd 2015.


If I didn't reach the final of my Regional Heat can I still enter the Grand Final?
No sorry only the finalists from the two Regional heats, gain the right to fight at the Grand Final event in March 2015 & it is an invitation only event & you will be notified by e-mail.

What if I won at the Regional Heats at a certain weight & age category but my weight has changed going into the Finals?
Fighter's weights will be monitored but as we know as its Junior's they will go up & down in weight - SO ON FINALS DAY THEY WILL FIGHT IN THE CATEGORY THEY WEIGH IN AT ON 28TH MARCH. Please note: we do NOT want juniors 'cutting' weight to make a certain weight, as this is not advisable for their health.

How many fighters will be in each category at the final?
Wherever possible 4 fighters in each category with a mixture of north & south fighters.

How is the draw for the Final done?
Where possible the finalists from each region will meet. Any byes given to ensure smooth running of the event, this will be done so in co-operation with the IBMTO.

What if I do not have an opponent?
You will be notified and you win the SANDEE Championship Belt for your age / weight category by default. We will do all we can to ensure you get a match, but it also may mean you fighting down or up a weight / age category.

Can I be moved up or down a category?
YES as was the case in the Regional Heats, but you are still the Champion at your age/weight that you entered on the day and will be awarded the belt for this age / weight category by default.

Who decides who win the prizes to go to Thailand?
The 4 head judges will short list fighters then the organising committee will make the final decision. This decision will be made in the days after the Finals & announced on Sandee Facebook -

What if my fights ends up in a draw?
The head judge makes the final decision.

What if I get through to the final but was injured in the previous bout?
In this unfortunate circumstance, your opponent from the previous bout will take your place.

Can I meet a fighter I previously beat in the Regional Heats?
Yes absolutely, as they also qualified as a finalist from the heats to earn their place in the Finals. This was communicated in the original rule set.

What if I have had my birthday since the Regional Heats?
Everybody is entered at their age as of March 1st 2015

How much is entry?
3 options: Fighter entry - £20 / Spectator Entry / Sandee subsidised Family Ticket - £30 (1 x Fighter entry + 3 x spectator entry)

How do we enter?
Via this webpage & completing the on-line application form is the only means of entering the Grand Finals

How do we pay?
Payment methods are Paypal or Credit/Debit Cards via the website.

Can Spectators pre-pay?
Spectators can pay on the day, but we advise that you pre-pay as spaces are limited. Once paid, you will receive a ticket through the post within 5-7 days ahead of the event date.

When are the weigh ins?
All weigh in details will be sent out with the tickets & will be staggered throughout the day.

What are the duration of the fights?
All bouts are 5 x 1min rounds.

Do we require a licence to fight?
Yes compulsory, any valid licence from any association are accepted, fighters without a licence will be required to purchase one on the day.

Do we wear our own equipment?
Yes - 6/8oz gloves for non-head contact & 10oz for ages 15/16/17 years.

Will we have to wear body shields or head guards?
Head guards are optional. Body shields are compulsory for all categories up to and including 14yrs.

Will we be able to buy equipment at the event?
Yes - SANDEE will have a retail stalls at the event. You can also view the SANDEE range and buy equipment beforehand:

SANDEE Kids Equipment

What time do the events run from & to?
The events will start at 9am and finish around 6pm.

Who are the ring officials?
All officials are supplied &/or trained by the IBMTO.

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