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21 Things You Might See in A Night of Muay Thai

21 Things You Might See in A Night of Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a sport full or contradictions. It's violent, it's beautiful, it's brutal, it's artistic. It's an emotional roller-coaster full of rituals and respect and pain and glory, with lots of blood and sweat thrown in for good measure.

We look at 21 things you may see in a night of Muay Thai. All these images were taken from one night of Muay Thai action from The Main Event, the UK's premier Muay Thai Promotion.

1. A Traditional Ram Muay

It's not Muay Thai without the Ram Muay - so the purists say! Whether you think they take too long and get in the way of the fights or it's part of the experience, there is no getting away from the fact the ritual dance is part of the culture of the sport of Muay Thai from its roots in Thailand.Muay Thai Ram Muay - SANDEE

2. A Really Sweet Head Kick

They are hard to land but when they do they can end a fight. An ankle or a lower part of a shin at full power to the jaw, temple of even the neck can make a fighter drop like a sack of potatoes. This is why your trainer always tells you to keep your guard up! Muay Thai - A Really Nice Headkick

3. An Intense Staredown

Is it psychology at work? Or just a natural reaction to the fact that the person opposite you is going to be trying to separate you from your consciousness, and you're letting them know that ain't about to happen. Number 12 - A focused staredown

4. A Split Shin

What makes you go "urghhh" more? A big gash to the shin from a shin-on-shin collision, or a big gash to the head from an elbow? There is no denying the fact that a "who's got the hardest shins competition" is only for crazy Muay Thai fighters. Muay Thai Split Shin

5. A Perfectly-Timed Elbow

These are reserved for elite fighters, impeccable timing, precision footwork, stepping in at that split second to land it. Liam Harrison connects with  a perfect left elbow on the chin of Dylan Salvador. Muay Thai - A Perfectly Timed Elbow

6. A Teep to the Face

You have to be a cocky fighter to throw a teep to the face. Andrew Lofthouse is a cocky fighter and if he was a wearing sleeves he would have a bag full of muay thai tricks up them. Muay Thai - A Teep to the Face

7. The Ref Yelling to a Fighter to Go Back to his corner

Fighters can get so "in the moment" when they smell victory, that their normal senses tune out. Ref Tony Myers has to scream the instructions to Carlos Graca to go to his corner so he can make the standing count on his opponent Ref Yelling at Fighter go Back to your corner

8. A fighter completely unfazed by the fight about to take place

The alternative to the intense stare down is the massive grin. Panicos Yusuf unnerves his opponents by looking like nothing that is about to happen worries him in the slightest. Number 26 - A Supremely Confident Fighter

9. A perfectly executed Roundhouse Kick - (Right leg)

It's the staple move in Muay Thai, the kick to the body. Your looking to sink that shin under the arms and into the torso of your opponent, the effect is like  a baseball bat across the ribs Number 14 - Perfectly placed Roundhouse

10. A perfectly executed Roundhouse Kick (Left leg)

Left leg this time, Mark Skeer blocks it, and his arms are going to hurt, taking repeated kicks like this to the forearms drains them of energy and you start to drop your guard eventually. Muay Thai Perfect Roundhouse Kick

11. An Epic After Fight Group Shot full of champions and ex champions

The group photo with a big trophy. Liam Harrison celebrates the win as the headline fight on the "Main Event" with family, friends, trainers and team mates. Number 13 - Group shot

12. A Wobble

Fighter goes down hard, is he going to get up?  If you get hit particularly hard those legs might wobble for a good few minutes after and end the fight. Number 22 - A wobble

13. A Big Cut from a big Elbow

You don't get this in boxing. Thai Boxers are allowed to throw elbows to the face, and elbows cause cuts. FACT. Elbow Cut Muay Thai

14. A Flying Knee

It's a ballsy move to throw a flying knee. Especially against such an experienced fighter like Liam Harrison. It's a crowd pleaser though and if it lands can cause a lot of damage. Flying Knee - Muay Thai

15. A Never Say Die Attitude

To look at this picture you would think the game is over for Andrew Lofthouse. Lofty doesn't give up though and won the fight with a big stoppage. Number 6 - Fighter covered in Blood

16. The Corner Team trying to close a cut so the fighter can go back out

Elbow cuts again! the downside is they can stop fights when the fighter is actually ok to go out and continue. Here the corner team of Dylan Salvador has three minutes to stem the blood and attempt to close the cut after a big right elbow from Liam Harrison. Number 15 - Cornerman closing cut

17. Girls, Girls, Girls

Whether it's the ring girls to counter all the violence, female fighters who can fight just as hard as the guys, or guest celebrities like Muay Thai fan Gemma Atkinson, girls like Muay Thai. FACT. Girls Girls girls

18. The Elation at getting the win after a close fight.

We have seen it countless times. At the end of the close fight, who takes it? For one fighter its a moment of election for the other extreme disappointment after an 8 week training camp and a 5 round war. Number 10 - Winning

19. Photographers with their caps on backwards

There are a lot of big lights at big shows, so having a baseball cap would be a good idea right? Except it gets in the way of the lens and you can't see, so lets wear it backwards. Number 23 - Photographers with caps on backwards

20. The Sealing of the Ring

Like the Ram Muay (ritual dance) , The Mongkon (ritual headpeice) , the Parjets (ritual cloth worn on the arm) or the Phuang Malai (ritual  flower garland around the neck), The Sealing of the Ring is another ritual and part of the culture of Muay Thai. The fighter walks the perimeter of the ring and stops at each corner to say a quick prayer. Its done to ward off bad spirits and keep the fighter safe. Sealing of the Ring Muay Thai

21. A Big Rocky Punch

Its done in slow motion in boxing and martial arts movies. The big right or left had connects and all the sweat flies off in different directions. If your a photographer the best time to capture it is the first shot thrown in a new round. The fighter has generally had a cup of water poured over his head by his cornerman.A big Rocky Punch

Bonus item: An Epic Walk Out

OK that makes 22, but we couldn't leave this out. The training is over, now is the time, this is your moment of glory. Your opponent is waiting let battle commence!

Number 3 - Walk to the ring

About The Main Event

The Main Event is one of Europe's Premier Muay Thai Boxing Shows, featuring some of the biggest names and best matched fights in the sport of Muay Thai.

The Main Event: Who Will be number 1?  takes place Saturday 7th June in new bigger better Bolton Arena Venue. follow them here.


SANDEE is one of the oldest brands of Muay Thai Boxing brands from Thailand, manufacturing premium Thai boxing Equipment from Bangkok since 1977. SANDEE is the official equipment supplier to the Main Event. for more info.

All photographs taken by Adam Crowther

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