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SANDEE Partners with Northern Kings Gym Newcastle

SANDEE becomes equipment supplier to Northern Kings Gym in Newcastle run by Muay Thai Boxer Craig Jose.

Northern Kings - Craig Jose

Northern Kings, is a family run full-time and fully equipped Muay Thai, MMA and fitness facility located near Newcastle's city centre. They offer Muaythai, MMA, Thaisize (ladies only) and yoga classes to suit men, women and children of all ability levels.

Members enjoy the benefits of teaching from Newcastle's internationally recognised and most accomplished Muaythai boxer Craig Jose and his team of coaches including his wife Linda Jose who has coached at Newcastle University for the past 6 years, former Cage Rage champion and Lumpinee veteran Pete Tiarks and assistant coach Juan Cervantes (ranked UK no4 82kg) .

Northern Kings are also the proud coaches of Newcastle and Northumbria University Thai boxing clubs.


Although Northern Kings Gym is relatively new opening in September 2013 it is already established as one of the best gyms in the North East for Muay Thai. They already have some great talent coming through, and in the coming years they aim to become one of the top gyms in the UK.



We caught up with Craig and asked about his Muay Thai career and his new Gym Facility

Whats your Record, and what belts/titles have you held?
My fight record stands at 57 fights 40W 1D 16L. I was Ranked No2 at 70kg for 3 years UKMF and Independent rankings.
I have held the following titles and belts.
WMC/MAD  world champion (defended 3 times) 72.5kg
2 x European Champion (ISKA/ITBF) 70kg
Thai Fight Veteran
IKF international K1 champion 70kg
POS2 8to1 Tournament Champion 2007
2 x British Champion (ITBF/BTBC) 70kg
English Champion ITBF 70kg
What Notable Opponents have you fought over the years?
Superbon Muanseng
Zidov Akuma
Daitan Jackson
Saiyok Pumpamngung
Dee Terrapong
Jay Woodham x 3
Jordan Watson
Anthony Kane
Dennis Varaxa
Rotung Vor Taawekiatt
Sahin 'Kass' Yakut
Jamal Wahib
Vorn Viva
Saro Presti
Ric Barnhill
Micheal Wakeling x 2
Hichiam Chaibi
Richard Cadden
Micheal Dicks
Andy Thrasher x 2
Tim Thomas
Kevin Harper


I have also dipped in and out of  MMA and have  had 2 semi pro and 1 pro fight.  However, my true love and skill lies with muay thai

How long have you been training/fighting thai boxing?

I started kickboxing  1994 at the age of 14, I then moved through boxing and MMA to Muaythai at the age of 18yrs in 1998

Northern Kings - Craig Jose

How did you get into the sport?

It sounds like a cliche but I have always loved Bruce Lee and was the typical kid who wanted to be just like him. In addition living and growing up in a rough part of Newcastle meant  that having the ability to defend myself was always an attractive prospect. A friend of mine got me  into kickboxing. I found my own way into muay thai when my interest in martial arts made me try a few different things. Once I found muay thai I quickly became addicted.

Craig Jose Northern Kings Muay Thai


Who trained you and have you ever trained in Thailand?

I have had various coaches over the years but my journey and career in Muay Thai started primarily with Barry Norman who I fought and trained under for 10 years. I lived in Thailand for 6 months learning a lot from the various coaches and gyms I visited in my time there.  Later in my career after opening my own gym I  found another mentor in  Paul Hamilton and Micheal Dicks from Darlington Boxing and Martial Arts Academy. Paul taught me a great deal  and really took my game to the next level. From Paul I also gained lots of invaluable knowledge about training and coaching my fighters.


How long has Northern Kings Gym been open?

We opened on September 1st 2013


What made you decide to open your own Gym?

At 15 I told my dad my ambition was to have my own gym. Thus, it has been a long term ambition of mine.   This first came to fruition when I opened THE FAKTORY which was a joint venture between me and 4 friends. However, after 5 years I felt I needed to move on, start my own venture and take that next step to my ultimate goal of  having  my own gym.



What is your mission statement or Goals for your Gym?

We are friendly family run business that aims to create a fun conformable training environment for all ages and levels of ability. We work with clients with severe physical disability through to professional Combat Athletes. From 5 years old, and our oldest client being 67 years. Our moto is "we can all be kings" Linda likes to add "or queens princes or princesses" This is really about reflecting our aim to  help anybody and everybody reach their potential and be the best they can be.

We also aim to promote a culture of healthy living.

In terms of fighting and competition we want to create a  successful professional gym which is known for putting out quality fighters. With the current talent that is coming through I think this is highly achievable.


Craig Jose Northern Kings Muay Thai

Who are your up and coming fighters in Muay Thai and MMA?

The MMA team is very new as we only opened in September. We have some potential but it will be at least a year before we start to see some real talent coming through. The Muaythai is deeper in level as I have students which I have trained for a few years who moved with me to the new gym.

Juan Cervantes is ranked no5 in UK at 82.5kg and travels to Malaysia next month for the IFMA world muaythai championships. He also recently won a tough A class fight at Oran Mor in Scotland. I have approximately 6 other fighters coming through the ranks most are at c class and some just moving into b class. Some names to look out for in the future are  Gary Laws, Ricky Cadogen. Jak wright, Paul Brown and Ben Ashby. Who  will all be starting to shine through in the next year.

Gordon Smith has recently moved with his wife down to Newcastle from The Griphouse in Glasgow and joined our team at NK.  He brings a wealth of experience as he has fought at A class for the last 5/6years and has been ranked at 67kg in the top 10 for the last 4 years


How many pro Thai Fighters do you have and how many pro MMA fighters?

Pro Thai I have 8 but within the next year it should be up to at least 10. None for MMA at present other than our coach Pete Tiarks who was Cage Rage champion in 2002 and 2003 as well as fighting extensively in Muaythai including Lumpinee stadium.

Why did you decide to have MMA clases/fighters as opposed to running just a pure Muay Thai gym?

I have always had an interest in MMA having fought in it myself a few times over the years. I personally like to keep a hand in it as I work a lot with some of the north east's best MMA talent who train with me to improve their stand up skills.

I think as a  combat academy you need to cater for the future and MMA is a big part of the future of combat sports. The popularity of MMA within Newcastle itself has increased dramatically over the past few years  so it also makes sense from a business perspective. As a combat academy we also supplement our MMA and muaythai class schedule with personal training,  yoga and strength and conditioning classes which we believe can provide many benefits and supplement the training regime of any combat athlete. This helps us in our aim to create well rounded athletes. As the gym grows we hope we may be able offer even more to our clients.

Craig Jose Northern Kings Muay Thai


SANDEE becomes the official equipment partner to Northern Kings, and we wish Craig and his wife Linda and their team of coaches all the best with the goal of developing one of the best fight teams in the North East of England, and the UK.

For more information on Northern Kings and their classes contact:

Tel: +44 (0)191 580 5850



26 Invincible Drive, Armstrong Industrial Park, Newcastle upon Tyne. NE4 7HX

Northern Kings Social Media

Follow us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter View our YouTube Channel

If you are interested in opening a SANDEE Gym Club account click here 



2 thoughts on “SANDEE Partners with Northern Kings Gym Newcastle”

  • Ao Nang Nak Muay

    Craig is a great guy and a true champion we wish him all the best with his goals for the Gym and would love to see him out in Thailand again, maybe this time with some of his fighters

    All the best mate

    • Alan Jose

      Craig Linda and some of his fighters are coming to Thailand this year not sure of the dates but if you contact the gym they will let you know.

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