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Michael Bisping Muay Thai Training at Keatkhamtorn Gym in Bangkok, Thailand

New Pictures of Mike Bisping Training Muay Thai at KEATKHAMTORN GYM, Bangkok Thailand.

A couple of weeks ago we set up UFC Fighter Michael "The Count" Bisping up with some regular training sessions at the SANDEE Keatkhamtorn Gym in Bangkok, while he was in Thailand filming a part in TV series "Strikeback"

We posted it on this blog a couple of weeks ago but didn't have any decent pictures to go with it.

We got some more pics in from Keatkhamtorn of The Count this week, working out in the heat and posing with three times ex Lumpini Stadium Champion Nopporat Keatkhmatorn, and gym owner Mr Teerawat Chukorn.

Bisping was  out in Thailand filming a part in the British Action and Military Drama Series 'Strike Back", in February where he has a guest part in the Sky Tv action series which follows the actions of Section 20, a secretive branch of the British Defence Intelligence service (DI), who operate several high risk, priority missions throughout the globe.

During filming his parts, and with his fight camp soon to commence for his his UFC fight against Tim Kennedy, Mike wanted to take advantage of being in Bangkok and get some decent Muay Thai sessions in, so we fixed him up with Mr. Teerawat Chukorn (Pictured below) owner of Keatkhamtorn who is not only owner of the gym and a lifelong fan of Muay Thai the national sport of Thailand but is also a Luietenant in Thai Royal Police.

Mike Bisping Keatkhamtorn Mike Bisping with Keatkhamtorn Owner Mr Mr. Teerawat Chukorn


Keatkhamtorn in the Khannayao District of Bangkok is where all the SANDEE products are tested before designs go into production and have to go through a rigourous regime of testing at the hands of Keatkhamtorn's large stable of full time professional fighting Thai's.

Probably Keatkhamtorn's most successful fighter is  Nopparat Keatkhamtorn a highly decorated Muay Thai boxer gaining the following titles :- Lumpini Champion 126 lbs (2005), Lumpini Champion 130 lbs (2009), Thailand Champion 130 lbs (2009), S1 World Champion 140 lbs (2011) S1 World Champion 160 lbs (2012)

Nopparat Keatkhamtorn Mike Bisping with 2x Lumpini Champion Nopparat Keatkhamtorn

Nopparat (pictured above) was taking a break in his home town in the South of Thailand, but came back to Bangkok earlier just to do some sparring with Bisping.


Mike Bisping Keatkhamtorn

Mike Bisping Keatkhamtorn The Count on the heavy bag
Mike Bisping Keatkhamtorn Bisping checks a roundhouse from Keatkhamtorn's padman
Mike Bisping Keatkhamtorn Bisping with padman Kainar Keatkhamtorn (Kai) veteran of over 140 Muay Thai Fights
Mike Bisping Keatkhamtorn Bisping and padman Kai. Nopporat 2x Lumpini Champ looks on


Mike Bisping Keatkhamtorn

Acting is not a new thing for Bisping who has already been in a couple of movies and had a part as a bad guy in British soap “Hollyoaks”  . Playing a part in a series about special forces soldiers is acting however, but come April 16th he faces the real thing when he steps into the cage to face ex United States Army Special Forces Ranger Tim Kennedy who has been vocal on Twitter about The Count's chances.

Bisping however has the more MMA experience and is the favourite going into this fight even after a long layoff due to eye surgery.

Michael Bisping vs Tim Kennedy on The Ultimate Fighter Nations Finale on April 16, 2014, Quebec City.

Get all the gear used at Keatkhamtorn here.


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