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Lauren Huxley Joins the SANDEE Academy

Lauren Huxley, 16 year old Muay Thai Fighter from Swansea, Wales,   joins the SANDEE Academy for talented juniors

Lauren Huxley WPt Wales Thai Boxing

After a brilliant performance at the WKA Brits Celtic Challenge Tournament in May, we decided that we had to welcome 16 year old Lauren Huxley  to the SANDEE Academy which exists to support some of the most talented juniors in the sport of Thai Boxing.

The SANDEE Academy

Here at SANDEE we wanted to develop a program that identified the best junior talent within the UK & Europe and ensure that that these Juniors have the best possible equipment, that lasts & performs, so they can go on to greater accomplishments with the sport & become one of those World Champions in the spotlight.

With this we are delighted to announce that our newest member of the Academy is Lauren "The Hatchet" Huxley, from Swansea, Wales.


Lauren fights out of WPT Wales, in Swansea under Muay Thai instructor Paul Wheel
since joining in 2009 Lauren has won an award at the club every year:
2009 Most Improved
2010 Student of the year
2011 Rhys Johnson memorial (highest accolade of club
2012 Student of the year
2013 Fighter of the year

Lauren Huxley Thai Boxing Lauren Huxley the newest member to the SANDEE academy for talented juniors

Lauren "The Hatchet" Huxley Interview

We got a chance to sit down with Lauren and ask he about all about her Thai boxing life so far and who and what inspires her.

What is your full name and age?

My name is Lauren Huxley, i'm 16 years old.

What Gym do you train out of? and who is your Muay Thai Coach

I train at WPT Wales ThaiBoxing in Swansea, and my coach is Paul Wheel.

How did you get into Thai Boxing?

I went with my mum to see if my brother wanted to join the club, I liked what I saw and joined for fitness at first. Once I was involved in the class I really enjoyed the aspects of thaiboxing and then my coach asked me if I wanted to fight.

How long have you being training in Muay Thai?

I will have been training for 5 years this August.

What do you like about training?

I enjoy the serious side of it as I love to train hard and always aiming to develop my skills. There is always a good atmosphere at the gym as along side the training we have fun as well.

Luaren Huxley Thai Boxing Kick Lauren on the Thai Pads - warming up before one her fights.

How often do you train?

5 times a week at the gym, this includes two thai boxing classes, two fitness classes and a private one to one with my coach. But when coming up to a fight I up my training schedule again.

How Many Fights have you had? and what is your record?

I have had 11 fights. 8Wins and 3Losses.

Lauren Huxley


Lauren Huxley knee

Do you get nervous before a fight?

Yes, I do get nervous but I have learnt to deal with it and to change it into a positive emotion.

Have you ever been to Thailand to Train (or on holiday)?

No unfortunately not.

If not would you like to train there?

Definitely yes!

What do you think you learn from training  in Thailand?

I think I would benefit from the experience not only from the training aspect but seeing where Thai art originated from.

 What do your friends think of your Thai Boxing and when you fight?

They didn't quite understand, but now that they have seen footage of me fight, they understand how important it is to me and support me.


 Whats your favourite Combo or Technique?

I train multiple combos but it isn't until I am in the ring that I judge and listen to my corner of which one to use as for technique I like to catch the kick and take out the opponents leg. Which in my gym we call it an absorption.

Lauren and Paul Wheel Lauren with Instructor and WTP Wales Gym owner Paul Wheel after winning one of her many belts

Who do you admire in Women's Thai Boxing (past or present, UK or international)

When I began it was Julie Kitchen as a fighter and what she has achieved, for an active fighter at present I admire Iman Barlow. I think Joanne Calderwood is an immense Thai fighter and I also follow her transition into MMA.

Do you think more Girls should get into Muay Thai? and if so why?

Yes definitely, for fitness, self-esteem, self defence and to show that females are as talented in what is usually considered a male sport.

What do you like about the Sport of Muay Thai?

Muay Thai is different to any other sport. I love the way that it is presented and the culture that is displayed before a fight (Ram Muay) (Wai Kru).

What are your plans in Thai Boxing over the next few years?

For my immediate future I continue to train hard and keep developing my skill. Further into my future I would like to have the opportunity to be a World Champion although I know this could be a long time away.

Lauren Huxley Belts

What do you like doing when your not training or fighting?

If there is any time left I just simply like to relax.

The SANDEE academy is our Junior Fight Team and Lauren impressed us with her fight career to date and her great attitude and hard work ethic. Lauren is a great addition to our talented team of junior fighters and we look forward to following her progress.



3 thoughts on “Lauren Huxley Joins the SANDEE Academy”

  • mel huxley

    First thing I have read and sooo impressed. Going to spend the day looking at the whole of the page. Fabulous set up, layout. Im excited to see the rest... :-) x

  • Michael honey
    Michael honey May 16, 2014 at 7:47 am

    Keep an eye on this girl,she's going to be a star of Muay Thai for a long time!!

  • Keith Huxley

    Thanks mike , , amazing job sandee, , fantastic lauren hard pays off you deserve it darlin

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