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2022 SANDEE Academy Programme welcomes Tommy Gore

Sandee Academy Programme

Academy Logo

Here at SANDEE we wanted to develop a programme that identified the best junior talent within the UK & Europe and ensure that that these Juniors have the best possible equipment, that lasts & performs, so they can go on to greater accomplishments with the sport & become one of those World Champions in the spotlight

Most brands are only really interested in supporting fighters when they have made it on to the world stage, when they start sponsoring them with free product which obviously puts that brand in the media spotlight, whether it be TV, press or social media platforms. No brand has asked what happens to the support before they get to the world stage? ….

The reality is this …. There is no or very little support at best, for youngsters as they progress from competing on their own local interclub event to the world stage, except for the tireless work their instructors do with them or their supportive parents having to continually fund new equipment, much of it over priced & simply not affordable, or worse still, cheap & not safe to use. As a result, there is a vast amount of talent that never gets to the Main Stage, simply because they do not have the funds to ensure they have the right equipment to fight in & with

In light of this, we are putting together a team of ambassadors for what is one of the oldest & most credible Muay Thai brands in the world….SANDEE.  These individuals have been selected to join our team not just because they are some of the best talent out there today, but because they promote good discipline, are doing well in school or college, are behaving in the right way and also have respect & show all the characteristics that attracts many people to Muay Thai

The program is by invitation & based on recommendations from a number (not just one) of the most credible coaches across the UK within the sport. It’s also based on Juniors being ambassadors for the sport both inside & OUTSIDE of the ring. We are now looking at Juniors to join this program throughout 2022 & beyond, so train hard, have a great attitude in everything you do & who knows ... you could be next to join the SANDEE ACADEMY Team ....

We ended 2021 with a solid Sandee Pro Fight Team, and begin 2022 with a new Sandee Academy Programme

The first of 3 individuals to be welcomed aboard start with Tommy Gore of Kearlsey Muay Thai


Tommy 1

Tommy, 13 years old, has had a passion for Muay Thai since a young age.   He started training when he was 6 years old at HKS he was recommended to go here by his Mum’s friend who taught classes at HKS

Tommy was passionate about wanting to fight so that’s when he and his family made the decision to move to Kearsley Muay Thai to benefit Tommy, this is where he currently trains and has a good bond with David Knowles (coach) and all his team mates

Tommy refers to the gym being like a family

He is always happy to help in the gym and enjoys coming in the corner to support his team mates when there fighting, giving them good advice during the fight and cheering them on


"Sandee is an excellent brand with good quality products which help protect and safeguard fighters from injury when training"


Tommy has currently had 22 fights = 20 wins 2 losses plus 3 K1 fights = 3 wins

Tommy 2 copy

He also has an astonishing 7 title belts:

  • WTKA British
  • WTKA English
  • WMF British
  • English Open
  • Sandee UK Junior Champion
  • Unified World Champion (Thai)
  • Unified World Champion (K1)

We welcome Tommy to the new 2022 Sandee Academy, as he joins Tommy Lowe and Maddie Mitchell as part of the SANDEE Junior Academy

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